“Sometimes They Rescue Us”

If you’ve ever rescued an animal, you know what the title to this post means.  Whether you’ve intervened in an abusive situation, expressed concern, donated, fostered, or simply called the Humane Society after rescuing an animal from the many dangers of the streets, the animal in question has touched you somehow.  It’s difficult to describe, because the experience is different for everyone.

We humans are quick to underestimate the human-animal bond, especially where rescue is concerned.  These creatures feel pain, feel cold, feel betrayal just as acutely as we do.  Yet many people abuse and neglect the animals they had chosen to keep in their homes.  Animals go hungry and are kicked in everyday households.  So many people view humanity as simply the connection between humans, but to be humane, or even human, includes the relationship we have with the creatures around us, big and small.

While this blog emphasizes felines and cat rescue, this doesn’t mean I won’t post pieces of news related to all animals.  I am currently volunteering for Iowa and Nebraska based Catnip And Tails Rescue at an Omaha Petco.  I find it to be one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.  The cats available for adoption are all special, with their own style and sass and personality.  They attract people of every walk of life, and I find that the singular look a child gets on his or her face while petting a kitty is the best thing to make me smile.

Don’t Shop – ADOPT!


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