Thanksgiving is a few days away.  I hope you and your families are having a wonderful time together, and if you are anything like me, you spend most of your time with a cat in your lap.  This is a special time of year, and although we take so much for granted during the year, we should take time out now more than ever to be thankful for the cats in your life:  Kittens, the young, the old, the active and the lazy.  My five-month-old boy, Spooky, spends lots of time lately in my lap, purring.  That is the time when I find myself intensely grateful for his love.  I see it in his eyes, too, that he is grateful to me for taking him off the streets (we found him in a storm drain).  He has very much become a pampered prince, yet he still finds time to let me know that he is grateful for each mouthful of Blue he takes, for each drink of water he slurps.  He is grateful for the toys, the attention, and the great big box my father gave him to play in.  He has his own space, and he is grateful for that, too.

Toto, our second oldest furball, is an adoption from the Humane Society, and he fits into our lives like a silky-furred glove.  We are so thankful that we stopped in to the Oakview Petsmart that one fateful Christmas season, to find a tiny two-month-old kitten who had been named Jingles.  We walked out with adoption papers, and a week later, he was home and quickly adjusting.  I saw the thankfulness in his eyes when we brought him home.  His purring attested to his gladness.  The bright-eyed, happy kitten is now a large MAN cat, melting into the couch, his bunny-thumper back paws draped over the edge of the seat.  He is precious to us in so many ways.

Then we have Titti, our ten-year-old female, who is a bundle of grateful love.  She spends lots of time snuggling by our side, enjoying the attention.  She is older now, and set in her ways, but nothing says “I’m grateful” like the purr that comes from petting Titti right before she eats (a ritual since kittenhood).  She was originally a farm cat, born on my great-aunt’s large property.

So this Thanksgiving and every day, be thankful for the felines in your life.  If they are rescues, they, too, will be thankful, and will show their gratitude in every way possible.  They make our lives so much richer, so much sweeter, and for this, we give them our everlasting, unconditional love.


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