The Problem With Euthanization

Euthanasia is a population-controlling tool for the Humane Society.  If they do not have enough room for new cats, they will euthanize the cats who have been at the facility too long.  While “unadoptable” cats do exist, perfectly healthy and sweet cats are usually among the batch of  “end of the line” felines.  Since most people tend to choose kittens, adults are usually left out in the cold.

I personally do not believe in euthanizing the innocent creatures who barely had a proper chance to be adopted by the right family.  A forever home can be long in the finding, and if given a fair and proper chance, every cat can find theirs.  Also, the euthanization numbers could be brought down if we spayed and neutered our cats in a more constant fashion, because while the need for animal shelters will never fully go away, it can be a big help to downsize the numbers of needy cats, giving shelter cats a far better chance of adoption – ALL of them, not just a few.


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