Fuzz on my sweater!

Every Sunday morning, I arrive at ten-thirty in the morning sharp to meet Karen at Petco.  She is the mother of all foster mothers, and a warrior for the fostering community.  Depending on the capacity of cats in the kennels that day, we clean four to five cages, including litter boxes and kitty messes.  We strive to keep the cages looking their best, even when the cats inside of them mess up the cage within ten seconds of the cleaning!  We also take time to socialize with each cat, and to talk with customers at Petco, who want to know how they can adopt, how old is this cat, and other such questions.  We also do our share of hoping and praying that our “kids” get adopted very, very soon.  Given that we have many adult cats as well as kittens, we tend to really root for the adults, because folks tend to overlook them, especially when there are kittens in the vicinity, or the mention/possibility of kittens in a foster home somewhere.  And yes, we have plenty of kittens!  But the adults tend to outnumber the kittens, and they are all wonderful and deserve great homes, too!

We don’t get paid for this, let’s just get that straight.  Petco allows us to have our kennels there so that we can save more cats and spread awareness.  Since I began volunteering, I’ve done a ton of networking, online and off, to assure that each cat will get a permanent home.  Of course, we can’t do everything.  That’s why we have others in our rescue organization, including a foster coordinator who keeps track of the foster homes taking care of various felines.    But we need more people!  Mainly, we would love more foster homes, but if you have time, volunteering is a great way to make a difference, especially if you have talents (like my web-design skills) to donate to the cause.  But if you don’t have time, perhaps you can donate!

Money is not the only thing we look for, although we do take care of vet bills ourselves, and depend on some fundraising to pay these bills.  Other items we need are as follows:  Blankets, kitty beds, cat and kitten food, wet food, kitten formula, toys, treats, and other such things cats like.  You can also donate pop bottles and cans to help raise money, and used ink cartridges for recycling.  You can look in the sidebar for our other links, like our wishlist and donation page.


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